Meta, formerly known as Facebook, has launched a resource and information portal for small businesses!

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On Tuesday, Meta (previously Facebook) announced the opening of the ‘Grow Your Business Hub,’ a one-stop shop for micro, small, and medium companies (MSMEs) to obtain relevant information, tools, and resources tailored to their specific growth goals.

The statement was made during the first ‘Grow Your Enterprise Summit,’ an event focusing on India’s small and medium business growth agenda (SMB). Millions of small companies use the Meta applications every month to start their online adventures and expand their enterprises, according to a statement. In India alone, 15 million small businesses use WhatsApp to start their online journeys and build their businesses.

These firms are increasingly able to reach a worldwide audience thanks to Facebook and Instagram, with more than 300 million individuals like or following an Indian small business page on Facebook, according to the report.

Indians have posted over 1.2 million photos and comments on Instagram in the last three months to express their support for small businesses and shopping local. In India, more than half a million small companies have added a WhatsApp number, a phone number, or an email address to their bio, or are urging clients to contact them directly via DM (direct message).

Small companies are India’s economic engines, and Meta’s role in unlocking development potential for them is more crucial than ever as many of them shift online and use digital to flourish, according to the statement.

From curated and customised business skilling programmes to launching initiatives that enable working capital for small businesses, we have been building for the growth of India’s SMBs with a localised, India-first approach,” Archana Vohra, Facebook India Director Small and Medium Businesses said.

“With the distinct requirements of small companies at various phases of their growth journey in mind, the firm is announcing the creation of ‘Grow Your Business Hub,’ a one-stop destination for small businesses to access materials personalised to their goals,” Vohra noted.

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The ‘Grow Your Business Playbook’ was also unveiled during the event, with the goal of inspiring and equipping early-stage firms to begin their travels on Meta’s applications. The first version of the playbook is targeted at assisting small businesses in setting up offline to online journeys and driving online sales throughout the COVID-19 era and beyond.

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