The Crossfade of Expectations: SpaceMotionMusic X ExtHyd Hyderabad Incident

by grooveteam

The world of live music, especially in the realm of electronic dance music, hinges on the seamless synergy between artist demands and event organization. A recent event in Hyderabad has spotlighted this delicate balance, with Serbian DJ SpaceMotionMusic at the center of a maelstrom of technical glitches and heated exchanges.

On the 29th of December, at an event hosted by EXT HYD Event Company, SpaceMotionMusic was scheduled to perform. According to both the artist and the organizers, the technical rider — a set of technical and hospitality requirements laid out by an artist — was not fully met.

The performance was marred by repeated power outages, reportedly stopping the music four times within five minutes. The artist chose to leave the venue, leading to a confrontation captured on video. This clip shows a tense exchange where the artist, repeatedly saying “Hard No” and “Drive,” appears to be obstructed by an individual who allegedly tries to remove the keys from the vehicle — a move that raises questions about safety and professionalism.

Organizer’s Statement: EXT HYD Event Company released a statement expressing their commitment to professionalism and respect for artists. They mention their disappointment in the artist’s decision to leave and suggest that the subsequent acts proceeded without technical issues.

Artist’s Perspective: SpaceMotionMusic shared their experience on social media, describing the night as the worst in their career in India, citing the poor technical setup and power cuts. The artist apologized to the audience but noted that the circumstances made the performance untenable.

Public Reaction: The incident has generated significant discussion among fans and professionals alike. Some sympathize with the artist’s plight, highlighting the importance of meeting technical requirements. Others criticize the organizers for what they perceive as an unprofessional response to the situation.

The “What so appears” to be a biased Re-Share by Another Page

Did y’all see the guy took the keys out of the Auto? How come a fan is so involved to go this length at convincing and an enforcing gesture of taking the keys out of the vehicle? That’s clearly NOT a Fan!

From how I see it, after tech rider failure that is unacceptable by the artist by his professional right, to top that, as seen in the video, a guy takes the auto keys out, an act like that can appear highly enforced and scary, specially being thousands of miles away from home being in a foreign country and being a protector to himself and his girl, he @spacemotionmusic took control of the situation.

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Such incidents are not merely about the technicalities of event management but also about cultural exchange and hospitality. The ensuing social media back-and-forth between the artist and the organizers has not just affected reputations but also has stirred a broader conversation about the expectations and challenges of hosting international acts in India.

While the incident remains a point of contention, it serves as a learning opportunity for the event industry. It underscores the need for clear communication, thorough preparation, and the professional handling of unforeseen events. As for SpaceMotionMusic, their career continues with performances scheduled across the globe, suggesting that the incident, while unpleasant, is an aberration in an otherwise successful journey.

For both the international artists and local organizers, the stage is a shared space of artistry and experience. Moving forward, it will be the collective responsibility of all parties involved to ensure that the show does indeed go on — with respect, professionalism, and a commitment to the music that brings us all together.

The Original Post on the Organizers Instagram Account

A controversial aspect of this incident is the response by the event organizers on social media. A striking detail that has become a focal point of discussion is the bolded statement on their post-event release, urging fellow venues to “reconsider” their associations with SpaceMotionMusic. This admonition, placed prominently, has raised eyebrows and questions. Critics argue that such a public display of disapproval suggests an attempt to influence the artist’s future opportunities, painting a picture not of a professional disagreement but of an emotional and possibly retaliatory reaction.

SpaceMotionMusic is signed with talent recruit #UnitedTalents that also manages Sylvestor Stallone

Furthermore, the labeling of the confrontation video as an ‘artist misbehaving with a fan’ has been called into question. Eyewitness accounts and subsequent discussions within the community challenge this narrative, suggesting the individual involved was not a fan but someone who had an active role in the events leading up to the artist’s departure. The act of allegedly following the artist and removing the vehicle’s keys is behavior atypical of a fan and has been described by some as overstepping boundaries that could be perceived as intimidating, especially to an international artist far from home.

These developments have led to a debate over the maturity and professionalism of the event company, with some speculating that the actions taken post-incident may have been driven by high emotions rather than careful consideration. Such a stance, if true, could be detrimental to the company’s reputation, suggesting a need for introspection and possibly a reevaluation of their crisis management strategies.

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