NFT Sale Launched by a Ukrainian Charitable Organisation!


Pray4Ukraine, a newly formed Ukrainian charity, has brought together hundreds of digital artists who are utilising art to generate donations for the Ukrainian army and citizens who have been displaced by the conflict. In addition, the organisation is aiming to use the power of art to aid in the resolution of the conflict in Ukraine.

10,000 NFTs Have Been Produced

Pray4Ukraine, a newly founded Ukrainian charity effort, has brought together hundreds of digital artists from throughout the country to create 10,000 NFT art pieces. The musicians seek to generate donations for humanitarian help and to support the country’s military forces by collaborating with Pray4Ukraine.

The Pray4Ukraine team also announced in a statement that the philanthropic group has already begun selling its NFT collection, which includes 9,930 artworks. The proceeds from the sale will go directly to the wallet of Come Back Alive, another philanthropic organisation that has been on the “humanitarian frontline since May 2014,” according to the statement. Financial data will be issued daily via Pray4Ukraine’s public channels, according to the statement.

Saving Lives Through Art

The Pray4Ukraine team claimed it will employ digital art and NFTs to achieve the organization’s greater goal of ending hostilities between Ukraine and Russia, in addition to generating donations for Ukrainians affected by the war. The statement went on to say:

Pray4Ukraine’s mission is to show that everyone can help to bring an end to this war and save countless lives in Ukraine. Digital art and NFT offer the crypto community an alternative method for joining a forceful global solidarity movement.

One of the artists supporting the cause, Olga from Kyiv, has refused to leave the capital, where she “continues to pour her awareness of the encircling events into digital art,” according to the statement. While the war has made it tough to find inspiration, Kamila said that her desire to contribute in any way she can has enabled her to overcome the hurdles she has faced since Russia invaded Ukraine.

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