NFT Marketplace for Celebrities and Artists is launched by a Bollywood Producer!


NFTs’ continued expansion has altered numerous industries, and they are expected to increase at an exponential rate over the next decade. Key businesses like as Facebook and Disney are betting on the sectors’ worldwide development. But what impact will it have on the Indian film industry?

Celebrities from all around the world have expressed an interest in NFTs. NFTs are blockchain-based digital assets that prove the authenticity of real-world objects such as music, films, art, in-game items, digital photographs, and even real estate and business ownership.

In the Indian film business, in particular, NFT mania is spreading like wildfire. Everyone is investing in NFTs and investigating this popular and developing business, from designers to artists to big screen superstars.

Celebrity NFTs are starting to gain traction. The NFT location is attracting a regular stream of artists and celebrities. Some are developing tokens backed by large sums of money and launching them on major exchanges to attract customers and promote themselves.

On the other side, many artists, celebrities, musicians, and others wish to enter the NFT market but lack the technological ability or financial resources to do so. Kulbir Singh Bhatia, the creator of Cineblitz, a production company located in Thailand, is developing, a platform that allows celebrities (and even average individuals who want to feel like celebrities) to easily create and promote their NFTs.

To make all of this happen, has three components:

  • Buyers and sellers can use the CELENFT Wallet to transfer, receive, and store NFTs.
  • You can create and publish NFTs using the CELENFT NFT Token Builder.
  • Users can exchange NFTs in real time on the CELENFT Marketplace.

The entire procedure was created to be as simple and straightforward as possible, similar to publishing a photo to Instagram.

“We are offering our clients the ability to create and sell NFTs more easily to everything that is out in the market today. Our clients from Entertainment, Arts, Sports, Real Estate, Hotels, Wineries, Charities, or Merchants, can offer their customers the capacity to buy, sell and hold NFT’s by integrating with the CELENFT platform,” said Kulbir Singh Bhatia, Founder of is a website that provides information on

Celebrities come to to sell their moments. is a blockchain startup that is launching an NFT marketplace for celebrities and soon-to-be superstars to sell their moments.

People can purchase and sell digital artwork, music, movies, audio/video files, memes, and other digital creatives on the Marketplace. is based on Binance Smart Chain Networks’ blockchain technology, and payments are made through popular wallets.

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Disclaimer: This is a public service announcement from the corporation. This article was created without the involvement of any IOI journalists.

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