Batman NFTs are expected to bring in $60 million for Warner Bros. and DC!


Together with Warner Bros. and Palm NFT Studio, DC Comics Batman is jumping on the non-fungible token (NFT) bandwagon. 200,000 distinct Batman masks will be included in ‘The Bat Cowl NFT Collection,’ which spans the Dark Knight’s 83-year history.

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Marvel Comics only made $4 million in profit when they debuted Spider-Man NFT Collectibles in August and sold out in minutes. The Batman NFTs, on the other hand, will be offered for $300 each beginning April 26, resulting in a $60 million profit for Warner Bros. and DC.

“While Batman is one of the most recognizable superheroes in the world, with hundreds of millions of fans, his appearance has evolved and varied over the last 83 years.”

Jim Lee, publisher and chief creative officer of DC Comics

The release of the NFT follows the success of the last Batman film, starring Robert Pattinson, which grossed $350 million in the United States and $710 million globally. The Batman also marked the first time in over a decade that a Batman picture had a big consumer products collection.

More than a mask: Batman NFTs

The NFT collection based on Batman will be minted on the Palm platform, an Ethereum-based blockchain solution with faster speeds, lower costs, and lower energy use than Ethereum.

The NFT will include a 3D replica of Batman’s famous mask, or cowl, as well as other bonuses. This includes access to web3 experiences that are only available to NFT holders, as well as a secret DC Universe fan forum.

DC has promised to providing a two-year roadmap of benefits and features to NFT holders. Owners will be introduced to augmented reality (AR) and the metaverse as one of the aims.

At the DC Fandom event in October last year, DC surprised fans with complimentary NFTs. Superman, Green Lantern Woman, Harley Quinn, and, of course, Batman were among the characters in the collection, which had three levels of rarity.

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