Interview with Pop Singer Francis Yee Lepcha

by Groove Team

Francis Lepcha is a Kolkata Based Solo Pop Singer who has been a Performing Artist since 1997.
We asked this versatile performer a series of questions to get to know him better! Here are the outtakes from the interview!

  1. We know that a lot of your fans already know. But if it were upto you to describe yourself, would would you say about your style of playing, genres in a few words.

    Francis: I am a traditional Pop Singer.

  2. If you were to share one of your works for the audience, what would it be?

    Francis: Here’s one of my recent cover with Dilip Dutt!

3. What made you become a musician? When you realized that being a musician is what you have been destined for?

Francis: When i saw that people recognized me and validated me for my ability to sing and entertain and when i turned 18 i realized i was destined to become a singer cum performer.

4. How has your evolution as a musician been? How has it changed since the beginning?


My evolution as a musician has been a journey full of struggles and achievements put together , it has changed drastically since the advent of internet and social media.

5. What lies ahead for you in the future in your music career? Any albums we should know of, any announcements you’d like to make?

Francis: I intend to do lot of live performances , i will be releasing few covers as well as few originals in English Hindi and Bengali in the near future via Social Media streaming platforms.

6. We cannot stop playing your works. One last song / cover you’d like to share?

We are positively delighted to have you with us in this interview. These songs can seize any audience and we’re thrilled to be able to interact with you. Thank you!!

Francis: Thank you to you too!

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