Jungleverse Launched by Trendy Tigers NFT – Integrates Meta with Real World!

by Groove Team
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Jungleverse is a first-of-its-kind programme that connects the metaverse with the real world, according to NFT’s Trendy Tigers. It is the first time animal NFTs with a 3D and AR component have been successfully launched. With this, the NFT world is ready for the next level of digital richness infused throughout the entire experience, and NFT fans will be ecstatic with the features that these NFTs have to offer. They include the following:

  • An art experience with a lot of graphics
  • Upgrades to a three-dimensional experience. To learn more, go to this page.
  • Trendy Tigers with artificial intelligence that can be taught to obey orders
  • Tigers in various cities are being geolocated in order to be owned.
  • Experience a rich, tailored mobile app

Minting Trendy Tigers on the Ethereum blockchain is the ticket to the Jungleverse, where all animals will live in harmony with humans for the rest of their lives. The owners become part of a thriving community of like-minded individuals who speak the same language and enjoy special items and benefits in both the real world and the Metaverse.

According to statistics from industry tracker DappRadar, NFT sales volume soared to $10.7 billion in the third quarter of 2021, up more than eightfold from the previous quarter, as the crypto asset craze hit new highs.

Nature9’s entry into the NFT market is marked with the exclusive Trendy Tigers release. To mint any of these stunningly amazing tigers, go to TrendyTigers.io on Tuesday, November 16th, 2021, at 9.00 a.m. PST, when a limited amount pre-sale of NFTs will take place. Learn more about the Nature9.

The Tale

The tigers were increasingly interested in people and their urban lifestyle over time. As a result, a herd of 9,999 tigers fled the woods and made their way to the world’s major cities. These tigers adapted quickly and adopted a variety of human characteristics, including attire, mane, attitudes, colours, styles, and accessories. These Tigers now refer to themselves as “Trendy Tigers.”

Become a member of the Trendy Tigers community.

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