Billboard Music Awards Reveals Change Maker NFT

by Groove Team
2020 Billboard Music Awards

Billboard Music Awards announced Trae tha Truth as the Change Maker winner on May 24.

With the announcement of the NFT award, the Billboard Music Awards partnered with Drake and The Most Famous Artist to create a tribute show for the occasion.

Trae’s Angel by Nature non-profit, a Houston-based organization that “provide[s] the Houston community with relief efforts ranging from living conditions and education to health and motivation,” will benefit from the sale.

“I do not consider myself an activist. Trae is just how I appear.”

Trae Tha Truth

In an interview with Billboard, he described himself as the type of person who doesn’t stop.

“Throughout the years, I have been able to work non-stop. Several people feel I am worn down and drained by it. It, however, seems to come so naturally to me, since I’ve grown so accustomed to it. Since I have become that rock, it is normal for me when everyone else is stressed or exhausted. Tap out is something I do not know how to do. This may be why it shocks many people, since they look at each other like, ‘Hey, I just saw you today.’ I can’t stop if you’re going somewhere else tomorrow. “I simply do what I do.”

Trae Tha Truth

Rick Clark Productions, owned by MRC, produces the Billboard Music Awards. Billboard’s parent companies are MRC and Penske Media.

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